Top Public Companies Are Betting Big On Blockchain Technology

Top Public Companies Are Betting Big On Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is now so big that companies can no longer ignore it and some have already started to take the lead in integrating the technology into their business. The world’s leading companies are betting big on the market, and according to a new report, a good portion of the world’s top 100 countries are already using blockchain technology.

Top Companies Using Blockchain Technology

The top 100 countries in the world have trillions of dollars in market capitalization between them. They range from tech conglomerates to social media giants. But one thing these companies have in common is the ability to embrace new technology to advance their business.

A new report from Blockdata has revealed that a large number of these big companies are throwing their hats in the ring with blockchain technology. A total of 44 of the top 100 companies spanning six major industries have already started to integrate cryptography and blockchain technology into some parts of their operations.

Naturally, technology companies have been at the forefront of this integration, but media and telecommunications companies have not been left behind either. The three sectors accounted for 36% of the top companies using blockchain.

Blockchain technology adoption

Tech, media, and telecom lead blockchain technology adoption | Source: Blockdata

Consumer and retail and the basic and industrial materials sector followed close behind with 20% respectively. Next in line was finance, which was seeing an 11% increase in usage. Energy and utilities accounted for 9%, while health came in at 2%.

Companies such as Meta, Mastercard, Visa, etc., have stood out in the space for various integrations. Meta introduced a feature that allowed users on its Facebook and Instagram platforms to post NFTs. He is also designing an open metaverse.

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Total market cap hits $851 billion | Source: Crypto Total Market Cap on

Crypto payments have become even more popular as Mastercard and Visa have announced several partnerships to help users pay with their cryptocurrencies. For example, users can spend their crypto balances on the exchange using their Visa cards.

While blockchain technology seems to be the most prominent among payments companies, they have also shown good use cases in supply chain management, identity verification, and several others. So even though various governments around the world have tried to regulate the space, that hasn’t discouraged companies from joining.

According to the report, 86 of the top 100 companies are actively looking to integrate blockchain-related solutions for their needs, while 44 have already been using blockchain technology since 2021.

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