TickrMeter Review: Track Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrencies From Your Desk Or Nightstand

TickrMeter Review: Track Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrencies From Your Desk Or Nightstand

TickrMeter is presented as a “stock code for your table”. But more importantly for this audience, it also tracks the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other major cryptocurrencies.

In this exclusive review, the Bitcoinist team works with the latest retail version of TickrMeter. Is it worth paying to pay even more attention to asset prices?

TickrMeter Bitcoin & Crypto Price Ticker Review

Bitcoin TickrMeter Cryptocurrency Stocks

What is TickrMeter?

TickrMeter is a digital price tag for your desk, nightstand or wherever you look the most. Using the meter.io ticker app, device owners can configure it to track the price of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and individual stocks like Tesla or Microsoft. More than 500 different cryptocurrencies can be chosen from according to the company’s website, as well as a Nasdaq stock listing.

Device size and display

At approximately 4 inches wide and 1.5 inches tall, the tiny black device takes up almost no space, and thanks to an e-paper screen, it disappears into the background no matter where it’s placed. E-paper displays are used in digital readers like Kindles, praised for their easy reading and lack of intrusive light.

The lack of light can be both a pro and a con, however. For bedside table applications, the paper display is not visible in complete darkness. A red or green LED can be turned on or off and its brightness can be adjusted. But sadly, it lacks enough brightness to make the paper display readable in the middle of the night.


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Features: Price Tracking, Playlists, and more

A minor gripe aside, TickrMeter does exactly what it was designed to do, and it does it well. Within the app, there are other customizations that allow users to adjust how often the price being tracked is updated. Intervals include one minute to once a day. It also allows users to track earnings from a user-specified average purchase price or create custom alerts for when the price goes above or below a certain level.

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An additional unique feature involves daisy-chaining several of these devices together, stacking them on top of each other, essentially creating a complete list of TickrMeters. As such, the device can be purchased as a single, two, three or six pack. Up to ten can be stacked together on a chain. With just one device, there’s also a way to create a playlist that cycles through a custom selection of stock symbols randomly, in order, or based on the day’s winners or losers.

Specifications and how to buy

TickrMeter connects via Wi-Fi and has a rechargeable battery that can be charged via a supplied USB cable or left plugged in at all times. Another benefit of the e-paper display is that it uses very little power to power off.

TickrMeter started as a successful IndieGogo campaign in late 2021, but has since been taken to retail. Recently, TickrMeter was featured on the Danish version of the hit TV show Shark Tank and ultimately received investment from successful eCommerce entrepreneur Jesper Buch and venture capitalist Christian Arnstedt.

Due to the segment on Shark Tank, the TickrMeter is currently on sale for $85 per single device. Bitcoinist purchased your device for the purpose of unbiased review. Delivery took less than a week after purchase. TickrMeter comes highly recommended by the Bitconist team and is an ideal companion for a trader, investor or simply any crypto enthusiast.

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