Thailand’s Biggest Food Exporter Uses Tech To Monitor Goods

Thailand’s Biggest Food Exporter Uses Tech To Monitor Goods

Thailand’s Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company (CP Foods), the country’s largest food exporter, is poised to integrate blockchain technology into its operations, expanding into shrimp and other products to ensure freshness and quality.

For CP Foods, the priority has always been to ensure that all products are safe and of high quality for consumers.

The company said it is important to adapt to advanced technology enabling blockchain traceability for accurate monitoring of products and supply chains.

The company has already started its blockchain integration with its fresh pork and chicken products.

Harnessing the Power of the Blockchain

According to Oraparn MungmisriAssistant Vice President of the Global Standard System Center:

“In 2023, we will do this for our fresh shrimp and cooked food portfolios. The next step will be to create blockchain-based traceability for every product we have across every category in our portfolio.”​ ​

CP Foods is a well-known company that provides well-packaged, ready-to-heat-and-eat foods that can be found in a wide range of convenience stores and supermarkets in the United States and other countries around the world.

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It was in 2015 that CP Foods introduced the CPF Digital Traceability system, which has been further improved using blockchain technology for many products over the past two years.

Now, with the planned integration of blockchain technology in the shrimp categorythis will increase consumer confidence in the overall quality and safety of products primarily targeting the Asian market.

Food companies support green businesses

The traceability system rooted in blockchain technology is further enhanced with CP Foods’ collaboration with AXONS, a reputable agricultural technology company in Thailand.

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Blockchain technology has long been used in various types of industries for both security and speed which include supply chains, purchasing, banking and sourcing to name a few.

Traceability it’s an important factor for many consumers to consider today, especially when it comes to food safety and sustainability concerns.

The traceability system is simple to use. A consumer just scans the QR code found on the package and gets all the necessary information about the product.

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Nowadays, more companies are putting a lot of value on green products. With the traceability system activated, it is relatively quick and easy to trace where the product was purchased and what kind of processes were implemented from sourcing to actual production and shipping.

Furthermore, through blockchain technology, other vital information such as food safety and quality certifications will also be quickly accessed by consumers.

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