Sony, Theta Labs Create ‘Whoa, Baby!’ 3D NFTs So Real You Can (Almost) Touch Them

Sony, Theta Labs Create ‘Whoa, Baby!’ 3D NFTs So Real You Can (Almost) Touch Them

Non-fungible tokens are becoming 3D, and Sony Electronics – the Japanese tech giant – wants to be the company that brings them to an entirely new experience.

Sony is collaborating with Theta Labs, operator of the blockchain-based video streaming platform Theta, to produce two types of 3D NFTs designed specifically for use with the Sony Spatial Reality Display (SRD).

The SRD is a monitor that allows individuals to experience three-dimensional objects without the use of standard eyeglasses or other eye-related devices.

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Sony is teaming up with Theta Labs to produce two types of 3D NFTs.

Wow! What is that?

The SRD has a high-speed vision sensor that tracks eye movements and generates 3Ds depending on eye positions. The image rotates in sync when the viewer tilts or turns their head in any direction, giving the impression of a real 3D object.

Sony’s SRD, according to Theta, will go “Wow, baby!” experience for NFTs and “will present NFTs and virtual experiences in an entirely new way”.

The device went on sale in late 2020 and will cost around $5,000.

The NFTs will be available on ThetaDrop, the NFT marketplace from Theta Labs, which has already released Katy Perry’s debut NFT collection, as well as NFT collections for the singing competition “American Idol”, the World Poker Tour and the game show “The Price”. it is true.”

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Sony has SRD technology

Mitch Liu, co-founder and CEO of Theta Labs, believes that NFTs and metaverses now have “huge potential” for 3D visualization as a result.

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According to Sony Electronics CEO Nick Colsey, the launch of NFT is intended to demonstrate the capabilities of Sony’s new SRD technology to fans of NFT and the metaverse.

“Without the need for 3D glasses, consumers can now enjoy a state-of-the-art 3D experience… Theta NFTs are simply the latest example of our rapid adoption of metaverse-compatible technology,” explained Colsey.

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The SRD's steep price tag may be prohibitively expensive for regular customers. (Image credit: Naxon Tech)

Biggest Obstacles Facing the Metaverse

One of the most significant challenges facing the metaverse, according to technology experts, is developing technologies that allow people to effortlessly immerse themselves in digital worlds without relying on overly heavy or expensive hardware.

Some NFT companies have tried to use smartphone technology to overcome this problem through augmented reality (AR).

Devices like Sony’s SRD can contribute to the solution by bridging the physical and digital worlds; however, as the Theta/Sony NFT hardware offering indicates, the high price of the device may be prohibitively exorbitant for casual consumers.

Sony’s Net Profits Set to Fall

Meanwhile, Sony’s net income is expected to decline 12% year-on-year to 94.24 billion yen ($724.0 million) in the fiscal quarter ended March 31, according to a FactSet survey of analysts. This compares to a net profit of Y107.00 billion in the previous year.

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