ETHDenver Primer: What You Can Expect From Ethereum’s Largest Annual Conference

ETHDenver Primer: What You Can Expect From Ethereum’s Largest Annual Conference

Is the conference season underway? Hopefully, Denver can warm up a bit over the next month as cryptocurrency fanatics and executives look to gather around what has become one of the largest annual cryptocurrency conferences, ETHDenver.

Let’s take a brief look at what kind of programming the free conference is offering, speakers you can expect to see at the venue, and more about the upcoming event.

Can the crypto market heat up in Denver’s cold weather?

After months of bear market conditions – which felt like years – some crypto viewers believe conditions may be changing. Broader markets have finally seen some green to start this year, and while we are likely still some way out of this current bear market cycle, it’s possible that the recent price action could be leading to a break in the pain.

Regardless, Denver’s cool climate will provide what many expect to be a warm home for both bulls and bears. The conference is self-described as the “World’s Largest Annual Web3 #BUIDLathon and Community Innovation Festival”. ETHDenver’s flagship ‘#BUIDLathon’ will run this year from February 24th to March 1st, with the main event schedule immediately following, running from March 2nd to 5th. on the nearby slopes of Breckenridge, with snowboarding and skiing combined with open source events in a more laid-back, relaxed atmosphere.

One of Ethereum's (ETH) flagship conferences, ETHDenver, is back in 2023. | Source: ETH-USD on

what can you expect

The lineup at the initial #BUIDLathon appears to consist of a lot of the lineup you’d see at blockchain-specific events, including builder-specific engagement that includes over $2 million in winning incentives. Rewards, community events, panels and happy hours will dominate the schedule during #BUIDLWeek.

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#BUIDLWeek will be followed by the general conference schedule that will run the gambit when it comes to speaker sessions. The ‘face’ of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, will be a featured speaker, along with Colorado Governor Jared Polis and Big Green DAO founder Kimbal Musk – among others.

In a statement shared with Bitcoinist, ETHDenver founder John Paller stated that “ETHDenver is about bringing diverse creativity around a common purpose and aims to propel the global blockchain ecosystem into the future… participants, creating an immersive and educational experience accessible to anyone interested in participating. We welcome anyone interested in envisioning and #BUILDING towards a decentralized future to join us to start or continue on their journey.”

We’ll see if Denver’s fresh air can help cool off the sweltering heat of a bear market.

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