Bitcoin Casinos – Where, What and How to Play

Bitcoin Casinos – Where, What and How to Play

Strict restrictions related to online gambling are an annoying hurdle for casinos and their players. With that said, the rise of VPN and/or cryptocurrency use shows that online gambling, even in countries where gambling is frowned upon, is more popular than ever.

where to find information

There are several online casinos around the world that will welcome players from all over the world with open arms. Thanks to reputable review sites like, getting up-to-date information on crypto gambling is easy.

All the latest information about the most popular crypto casinos, games, best bonuses and which cryptos are allowed in each casino is at your fingertips and just a click away. As you can understand, the amount and level of detailed information you can get on these sites is priceless.

Just a heads up, if you plan on using a VPN, make sure it’s allowed (check the terms and conditions) or you might have some issues with your withdrawals.

Bitcoin and Ethereum top the list

We all have our favorite cryptocurrency and the reasons for it. Approximately 15% of the US population (36.5 million) own some form of digital currency. When it comes to using them as currency while playing the slot machines, Bitcoin and Ethereum are clearly players’ favourites.

This does not mean that other currencies are not being used. Au contraire, but those are the ones at the top of the list.

These are the games gamers love the most

Playing online casino games is so much more than a quest for quick cash and the fact that even the biggest winners keep coming back for more is proof of that.

So if online gambling, especially the crypto version, is so popular, what kind of gambling are Americans turning to?

The two online casinos that allow cryptocurrency and have the most US players are Stake and Bitstarz. After taking a look at their most popular games, I came up with the following list of 3 that I will now share with you all.

Sweet Bonanza – pragmatic game

This is sugar racing at its finest and with the wins to go with it. There’s a reason Sweet Bonanza is number one on this list and it’s quite simply a colorful candy land that’s bound to tickle your sweet tooth and fill your pockets.

Fortunately, racking up winning combos on those reels doesn’t increase your calorie intake because players just can’t get enough. Loaded with multipliers (21,100x), free spins and the ever-so-attractive ante bet make it easy to understand the game’s popularity.

Start spinning and start winning is all I have to say as you will soon find out what Sweet Bonanza is all about!

Gates of the Olympics – Pragmatic Game

Greek mythology is one of the most popular themes when it comes to slots and considering the number of powerful gods, it all makes sense. When it comes to the life of the divine, few places are as mythological as Mount Olympus.
Personally, I like the fact that you can click a button, pay 100x your stake and go for the races and free spins. To be honest, I don’t see why all slots don’t have a buy option.

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I am also a big fan of Ante Bet. When you activate it, your bet will be boosted by 25%, but the chances of hitting the bonus rounds double, so in my book it’s an easy decision. I keep it locked and loaded every round to maximize my chances of winning.

This is your chance to dance with the Gods!

Fruit Festival – Pragmatic Play

Is it a coincidence that the top 3 most popular crypto games in the US come from Pragmatic Play? Who knows, but the proof is in the pudding and I think Pragmatic Play continues to serve players the good stuff.
We could all use a nutrient boost, especially these days, and Fruit Party will give you the chance to stock up on vitamin C, and by CI that means money. Get ready for an explosion of color where you’ll be poppin’ clusters to a groovy soundtrack that will get you in the right mood.

The truth is, Fruit Party has been a popular slot for a long time, which means it’s not a random game. Aside from a ton of free spins, your success relies heavily on the crash feature, where a hot streak can keep things going for a long time while the money keeps pouring in. Don’t threaten me with a good time, am I right?

Many players still like the old 3-reel fruit machines, but I prefer the bigger grids and this game is sitting on a 7×7 monster, which I think also adds to its popularity. You’ll be glad to see there’s an option to take advantage of.

Don’t be surprised if you land big wins after just a few spins.

Go out and be a winner

As you can see, the rules and restrictions surrounding online gambling will not be able to slow down the online casino freight train. With cryptocurrency now advancing powerfully, the interest around the industry will continue to rise.

Like you, I’m excited for what’s to come and one thing is for sure, the US cryptocurrency game is bigger and better than ever!

About the author: Jakob King is the founder of, where he has been reviewing crypto casinos since March 2015. In his spare time, he enjoys practicing martial arts and drinking good coffee and beer. If you’re looking for a personalized crypto casino recommendation, you can direct message him at @bitcasinokings on Twitter.

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